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FPV Quadcopter Racing Simulator

I wanted to do a small project in the Unity 5 game engine to learn some of the basics. This it what I came up with after around 10 hours of work.

It is a simple FPV quadcopter racing simulator. You control a small and agile quadcopter using the analog joysticks on a game-controller. A real RC simulator transmitter can also be used. It is possible to fly both in first person or in third person. There are not many quadcopter simulators or games out there, maybe it would be interesting to add more features and make this a more like a complete game/racing experience?

Download here:

Testing new gimbal on the APM quadcopter

I have always had some problems with vibrations on my APM quadcopter. This is because my homebuilt gimbal was not sturdy enough. This is an attempt to make it better.

My new gimbal that I have built has a ball bearing on the opposite side of the tile motor, making the entire construction more sturdy. I have also built this one out of thicker plywood to prevent the wood from flexing as mush. As can be seen in the video, the results are pretty good, but there are some vibrations when a fly fast forward. Maybe this is because I still have the roll motor mounted the the fuselage using an old 3 mm plywood that can bend slightly. At the end of the video, there is a crash. While I rapier the quad I will try the make the gimbal even better.



APM Quadcopter video

A new compilation video made with the quadcopter. During this summer I have flown this quadcopter for a total of about 6-8 hours. This is the best of those flights. I have also stabilized almost the entire video in post production to get rid of the small vibrations. The entire video is shot at my local flying club Gamen.

Read about my APM quadcopter here.