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Realization Engine – computer graphics demo

This is another 3D graphics engine I have made using modern OpenGL, Java and LWJGL 3.0. I wanted to make something a little more realistic than my previous project, “Tile World 3“. So far I have made a simple terrain using a height map and implemented multitexturing using a blend map. There is also a first person camera that can walk around on the terrain, the “player” can jump and respond to physics. This “graphics engine” will be the platform for more experiments in the future. For example I want to try water rendering with reflations and particle systems.

I will upload a new version of the runnable application to this page every time I make any progress. Try them yourself! The demo requires Java and a decent graphics card to work.

Tile World 3 – 3D game demo with Java and LWJGL

Tile world 3 is a game demo a have made using Java and LWJGL. The demo is programmed using modern OpenGL with GLSL shaders. The user controls a first person camera, and can explore the world by walking, running, swimming, jumping and sneaking using the mouse and keyboard or a XBox360 controller. The demo features simple 3D collision handling and some simple animations. This is a very interesting and very educational project, so I will probably continue working it and ad more features.

Download the demo here: To the game demo download page

Read more about the project here: To the Tile World 3 page

Pickin’ Sticks

“Pickin’ Sticks” is an old classic computer game. This is my version of the game that I made in Java almost two years ago in the beginning of 2013. Now a have made some videos of it. The purpose this game to learn more about how object oriented programming and 2D graphics work in Java. The playable game is available for download. Read more here.

Download first version: (30KB)

Download second version with more features: (60KB)