Balancing robot simple autonomous behavior

Made a new video demonstrating how my Arduino based balancing robot can enter balancing mode by itself. The video also shows the robot doing basic obstacle avoidance using its tree ultrasonic rangefinders. The obstacle avoidance if currently done by one of the Arduinos, but this a typical high level function that will later be handled by the Raspberry Pi.

6 thoughts on “Balancing robot simple autonomous behavior

  1. Sr. Nobody

    Wow.., your self-balancing Robot is awesome. Where might i get the ingredients to do a robot like yours ? (tires, the shaped wooden case, and so on.) Do you have some links, do you remember or would you like to share some ?
    NO, I am not a robot….

    1. Axel Post author

      link to the main Balancing robot page.

      You can get all the electronics you need from Ebay, or maybe some other online store, depending on where you live. The wooden parts are not for sale, but you can download my sketchUp-files Here, then you can print the parts and cut them out yourself.

    1. Axel Post author

      They are: “1.8 Degree 42mm NEMA17 2 Phanse Hybird Step Motors SC42STH38-1684A” I bought them on ebay from china.

  2. Khanh

    I’m having a problem with finding parameters of PID.How did you find them.
    the first,we should find parameters of PIDSpeed or parameters of PIDAngle

  3. Jim

    Love your self-balancing robots. I finally realized from your video how to get mine to stand itself up; get a running backward start to build up some momentum then forwards. Obvious now. Thanks.


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