IR sensors on the self balancing robot

This video shows some new IR distance sensors I have installed on my self balancing robot robot. The IR sensors are short range (5-10 cm) and should prevent the robot from running into things that the main ultrasonic sensors miss. The video also shows two servos I have installed under the robot. They are not connected yet, but they will later be used to raise the robot up again if it falls over.

2 thoughts on “IR sensors on the self balancing robot

  1. José Coelho

    Good Morning
    It’s fantastic!
    Can you give me some more information about this?
    You have a page where you can see diagrams, material, code?
    Thank you
    And good job

    1. Axel Post author

      Hi, this project came to a halt because one of the Arduinos died for some unknown reason, I plan on replacing it soon, when I get everything working again i will write more about the robot here on me website. I plan on posting everything, including code and diagrams, but it will take same time…


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