Balancing robot rebuild

I have rebuilt my balancing robot. The reason was that I wanted to fit more sensors and functions, and there where no space for that in the previous design. I have also rewritten all the code and replaced the Kalman-filter I previously used for angle estimation with a complimentary filter instead. This in combination with a higher center of mass have made the robot a lot more stable and tolerant against pushes and other disturbances.

A Kalman-filter should work better than a complimentary filter, but the Kalman-filter is a lot more complicated. Since I do not understand exactly how the Kalman-filter worked, it was to hard for my to tune it properly. The estimated angle of the robot was reacting to slow. My current solution with a complimentary filter is much more responsive. That allowed me to increase the parameters of my PID regulators to make the robot more stable.

One thought on “Balancing robot rebuild

  1. Alejandro Ramírez

    Hi, I have seen your videos about the balancing robot, I am from Mexico and I would like to make a similar one. I am studying and I want to apply my own controllers (I & I or back stteping). Thank you very much for sharing your knowledge. The multisensory integration that you have made seemed incredible. Can I use your video to make my own robot?
    Making my own robot would serve to reaffirm everything I have learned, once again thanks for sharing your applications.

    Best regards
    Atte. Alejandro.


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