FT Spitfire video

A short video of my FT Spitfire. This airplane is a kit form Flitetest. Usually I do not like warbirds very much, mainly because they usually do not fly very well, and have bad stall characteristics. But this one is designed to fly well, and I think that is a lot more important than having the correct scale look. I use a very lightweight setup in mine, and this makes it possible to fly really slowly. The controls feels very precise for being a foamie.

2 thoughts on “FT Spitfire video

  1. Israel Portillo


    Really I want to replicate your slow spitfire plane

    Please tell me about your electronics… your motor, esc, propeller and battery.

    I know you have not longer available any more but do you remember the weight of the plane ?

    Thanks and congratulations from Mexico.

    PD. I am software enginner too, I have 20 year in love with Delphi, mysql and php. And right now am doing little things in arduino.

    1. Axel Post author

      Hi, I used a very old AXi 2208/26 motor with a 10×6 propeller, and a 20A ESC. I have flown this plane with different batteries, ranging from 1300mAh 3 cell to 2200mAh 3 cell LiPo. I think the weight was around 600 grams with the smallest battery, but I am not sure.


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