Pickin’ Sticks

This is a 2D Java game that I have made. The purpose was to learn more about object oriented programming and how to make 2D graphics in Java. I made this in the beginning of 2013. The game never got completed, it does not have any sound effect or music for example. And maybe it is not very interesting to play. But it was fun making and a did learn a lot. I have programmed everything from scratch and made all sprites myself. The main reason I chose to make “Pickin’ Sticks” was that I ran into this video and got inspired.

All sticks, traps and even the player are objects. All object inherent a base object that has a x and y coordinate, size and an image to render. This parent class also handles rendering of the object and collision detection based on the “intersect()” function in the Java Rectangle class. The game loop used in this game is a simple timer that calls a redraw function at regular time intervals.

Unfortunately i have lost the source code for this game, but you can download the playable game hare: PickinSticks.zip (30KB)


Click on the image to view in full size

A few months later I continued to develop the game. I fond a way to made the game full screen using an maximized undecorated JFrame. I also experimented with making a randomly generated tile map. The tiles generate in randomly sized circles with some randomly placed tiles around them to. There are four different ground tiles: grass, sand, water and lava. All different tile types has deferent walking speeds. The lava makes the player loose a heart of live every second. In this version of the game a made the monsters randomly shoot arrows to make the game harder. Version two video below:

I have lost the source code for this version as well, but you can download the playable game hare: PickinSticks2.zip (60KB)


Click on the image to view in full size

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