Simple Arduino based clock
A simple Arduino based clock with a fast and intuitive user interface to set the time. It also has battery backup and a light sensor. Code and scematic avalible.
1200_DSC_6609DIY 3D printer
My homebuilt DIY CoreXY 3D printer.
thumbnailArduino based LiPo storage discharger
Discharges LiPo batteries to the correct voltage for long term storage.
900_DSC_3840Arduino based GPS alarm clock
My Arduino based alarm clock with LED dot matrix display, GPS and sound player module.
InteractiveIlluminator_DSC8226M600Interactive Illuminator (decorative LED lamp)
Interactive illuminator was a project that I made in school in the beginning of 2009. It is a decoration lamp that changes its color from blue to red when someone stands in front of it.
boatsM600RC boats
Images of some of my homebuilt RC boats.
installingappsInstalling my Android apps
A tutorial on how to install my android applications on your smartphone.