Realization Engine
Realization Engine is a 3D graphics engine/demo I have made using modern OpenGL, Java and LWJGL 3.0. I wanted to make something a little more realistic than my previous project, “Tile World 3″.
Tile World 3Tile World 3
A 3D game demo I made using Java and LWJGL 3.0. The user controls a first person camera, and can explore the world by walking, running, swimming, jumping and sneaking using the mouse and keyboard or a XBox360 controller.
dragonSimulator900Dragon Simulator
A 3D demo I made in Unity together with two other students at the university for a course in 3D computer graphics.
theKrekusCrashM600The Krektus Crash
A 2D Java game that I developed as a school project together with three other students. The goal with this project was to design a good user interface. Much work has been put in designing both the game itself and the menu system to make it as intuitive as possible.
openglOpenGL basics
OpenGL is a platform independent graphics API that can be used to create 2D and 3D graphics. This is a presentation of my first graphics programs that I made when I took a course in basic 3D computer graphics at the university.
speedometerM600Speedometer – Android application
A simple application that shows the speed, using the devises built in GPS.
Pickin’ Sticks
This is a 2D Java game that I made in the beginning of 2013 with the purpose to learn more about object oriented programming and how to make good and simple 2D graphics in Java.
projectcM600“Project C”
This is my first “real” game made in Java. Complete with animation, a graphical user interface, sound effects and irritating background MIDI music.
songdatabaseM600Song database
My song database program written in Java. The goal of this project was to learn about object-oriented programming and basic file handling. This program also uses a more advanced graphical user interface with buttons and other components.
A development of the program below, This version uses a simple, more user friendly, graphical interface.
mastermindText2M600Text based Mastermind
A text based version of the board game “Mastermind” programmed in Java. This was my first larger Java project I made.