Flying things

Bush Beast 4
My latest RC bushPlane. Similar the the BushBeast3, but better.
2020 ArduPlane project
This is an airplane I built to experiment with the ArduPilot/ArduPlane firmware. A plane built to experiment with autonomus flight including autonomus takeoffs and landings. Using the ArduPilot software.
Bush Beast 3
A custom bush plane built from balsa wood. A few special features including 3D printed landing gear with suspension and custom electronics to control gyro stabilization, servo mixing and LED lights.
3D printed FPV quadcopter (V1)
Another version of my 3D printed quadcopter with carbon-fiber motor arms. This one is intended for FPV flying. It is smaller than the LOS version and uses 18 mm carbon fiber tubes instead of 14 mm, minging it a little more crash-resistant.
3D printed LOS quadcopter (V2)
A development of my first 3D printed quadcopter. Using 14 mm carbon fiber tubes for the motor arms. This one is intended for LOS flying. It is relatively large to be easier to see in the air, compared to traditional FPV racing quadcopters.
1200_DSC_7029My first 3D printed quadcopter
A small 3D printed quadcopter with carbon fibre arms. Designed for low weight. Can be flown using FPV, but is also very manoeuvrable and fun to fly LOS. STL files available for download.
260 Mini quadcopter
A small 260-size mini quadcopter for fast flying and doing flips and such.
Hubsan x4 micro quadcopter
The Hubsan x4 is a ready to fly kit. I have not designed it. On this page, I share my toughs about it.
Stik Pusher
A small airplane I have designed for indoor flying. It is made to be easy to fly, durable and fast to build. My design is based on a very old model called “Tichy Stik” by J.A Benson.
900_DSC_3373Mini Axro Quadcopter (built 2014)
This is a lightweight quadcopter I built using four of the old motors and the ESCs from the hexacopter. Built to fly around with and do flips.
900_DSC_2951APM quadcopter (built 2014)
This quadcopter is basically a second version of the hexacopter. I used fuselage from the hexacopter and built a new frame for four motors instead.
900_DSC2628The Hexacopter (retired)
After flying my quadcopter for six months, I have learned a lot of things, now I will start building my next multirotor using my experience form the quad. This was also my first time testing the Aurupilot Mega 2.6 flight control system.
This is a fiberglass glider from HobbyKing called “Reverb”. I Usually design and build my airplanes myself, but this is an ARF.
600_DSC1923Skyracer 4.5
This is a new version of the Skyracer 3.5 with a larger wing. The goal with this experiment was to give the Skyracer a bigger speed envelop.
600_DSC1791The Quadcopter
Multirotors has been a growing part of the RC hobby for a while now. I wanted to build my own in a way that makes it stand out from other multirotors.
BushBeast is a combination of a aerobatic airplane and a bush flyer. I designed and built it in the summer of 2009. BushBeast has large control surfaces, a powerful motor and large pneumatic tires. It is also equipped with some homemade electronics and gyros to stabilize the airplane in flight.
An autogyro is a combination of an airplane and a helicopter. It has a rotor generating lift like a helicopter, and it is driven forward by a normal propeller, like an airplane. This homebuilt autogyro is the result of a lot of testing and developing. It is equipped with an electric pre-rotator to spin up the main rotor before takeoff.
_GB00706M600Vanishing Point
Vanishing Point is a fast, aerodynamically shaped twin boom pusher complete with a homebuilt gyro stabilization system with a working pitot tube.
SR35_GB02037M600Skyracer 3.5
Skyracer 3.5 is fast, maneuverable and portable. One of the best features with this little airplane is that it is almost independent of the wind due to the small surface arias and its speed.
UnderCover is a my little aerobatic foamie.