Vanishing Point


Vanishing Point was designed to be a fast, stable and unique airplane. It weighs about 900 grams and it has a wingspan of 1 meter. The airplane is powered by an AXI motor that spins a 8” propeller at a very high RPM creating a power to weight ratio better than 1:1. This together with an aerodynamic shape makes Vanishing Point fly really fast.

The airplane is built of different materials. The fuselage is made of glass fibre to achieve the rounded shape. The wing is a traditional balsawood construction. The tail booms is square carbon fibre tubes and the tail planes is made of glass fibre reinforced foam.

Vanishing Point is equipped with roll and yaw gyros and a working pitot tube to measure airspeed. A PIC microcontroller is used to blend in different amounts of gyro stabilization at different speeds. When the airplane flies slow, a lot of dampening from the gyros is used, and when it flies really fast, the gyros are not used at all. This unique stabilisation system works great and it makes is possible to fly the airplane in windy conditions.








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