Installing my Android applications


You are downloading my apps at your own risk. My apps are not firmly tested and they may contain bugs. Installing my apps require the you “allow installation of applications from unknown sources”.

I take no responsibility if you’re phone or tablet stops working!

As the built in warning dialog says: “Your phone and personal data are more vulnerable to attack by apps from unknown sources. You agree that you are solely responsible for any damage to your phone or loss of data that may result from using those apps.”


download600Navigate to the apk-file on my website using you
phones browser.

settings600hMy apps are not “signed” in the same way as the apps found in “Google Play”. You will need to go into settings and allow installation of applications from unknown sources to intall my apps. In the settings menu, click “Security”. If you are using an earlier android version than 4.0, you will find the “Unknown sources” option under “applications” instead.
unknownSources600hScroll down and check the box next to “Unknown sources”.
downloaded600Go to your downloaded files or your notification panel. Tap on the apk-file you just downloaded.
install600Tap “Install”
removeUnknownSources600After you have installed the application I recommend that you go into settings and deselect the “Unknown sources” option again.

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