Monthly Archives: May 2015

Realization Engine update version 10

Made some progress with my graphics engine. In this video I show a simple menu. I have also added a lot more content to the world, like trees, rocks and more flowers to make it more interesting. There is also a very simple physics engine that controls the behavior of moving entities. This is demonstrated by the (very unrealistic) sliding crates and barrels in the video.

Link to the Realization Engine page

Testing new gimbal on the APM quadcopter

I have always had some problems with vibrations on my APM quadcopter. This is because my homebuilt gimbal was not sturdy enough. This is an attempt to make it better.

My new gimbal that I have built has a ball bearing on the opposite side of the tile motor, making the entire construction more sturdy. I have also built this one out of thicker plywood to prevent the wood from flexing as mush. As can be seen in the video, the results are pretty good, but there are some vibrations when a fly fast forward. Maybe this is because I still have the roll motor mounted the the fuselage using an old 3 mm plywood that can bend slightly. At the end of the video, there is a crash. While I rapier the quad I will try the make the gimbal even better.



Realization Engine – computer graphics demo

This is another 3D graphics engine I have made using modern OpenGL, Java and LWJGL 3.0. I wanted to make something a little more realistic than my previous project, “Tile World 3“. So far I have made a simple terrain using a height map and implemented multitexturing using a blend map. There is also a first person camera that can walk around on the terrain, the “player” can jump and respond to physics. This “graphics engine” will be the platform for more experiments in the future. For example I want to try water rendering with reflations and particle systems.

I will upload a new version of the runnable application to this page every time I make any progress. Try them yourself! The demo requires Java and a decent graphics card to work.

New airplane – Sky Cruizer 2

This is a new airplane that I have designed and built during the winter. It is a pusher with large wheels and flaps designed for rough flying fields. This plane is large compared to my other designs. It runs on the same large 8000 mAh 3 cell batteries as my APM quadcopter. The original “Sky Cruizer” was an airplane I build many years ago when I wanted something fun to cruise around with, this new plane shares both the color scheme and purpose of the first Sky Cruizer.