Monthly Archives: September 2014

Arduino based GPS alarm clock

This is a project I have been working on for a while now. The alarm clock features a large 40×7 LED dot matrix display and a easy-to-use user interface for adjusting settings. The clock is controlled by an real time clock module that keeps track of date and time. The time of this module is set using a built in GPS every three seconds if the GPS has a valid position FIX. Read more about this project here: Arduino based GPS alarm clock



FT Spitfire video

A short video of my FT Spitfire. This airplane is a kit form Flitetest. Usually I do not like warbirds very much, mainly because they usually do not fly very well, and have bad stall characteristics. But this one is designed to fly well, and I think that is a lot more important than having the correct scale look. I use a very lightweight setup in mine, and this makes it possible to fly really slowly. The controls feels very precise for being a foamie.

APM Quadcopter video

A new compilation video made with the quadcopter. During this summer I have flown this quadcopter for a total of about 6-8 hours. This is the best of those flights. I have also stabilized almost the entire video in post production to get rid of the small vibrations. The entire video is shot at my local flying club Gamen.

Read about my APM quadcopter here.